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Havana 2020

We visited Havana when we stayed at Varadero a couple of years previously using a Sunwing/Nexus Tour. That was actually quite a good tour of the city! We knew there was still more to see in this amazing place, so we booked a private tour with Julio at Awesome Cuba Tours. The nice thing about a private tour is that you get lots of one-on-one time. If you have a question, your tour guide is right there to answer it. The price is great too. It is a flat fee ($110 CUC in this case) no matter how many people attend. You get to drive around in a classic car all day and see sites off the beaten path. Many thanks to Julio our guide and Felix our driver for a great day despite the weather.

This was the first time we visited Camera Obscura. That was cool! The view from the top of the building gives you an idea of just how big Havana really is.

We enjoyed a spectacular Cuban sandwich and pastries at Panaderia dulcería San José.

It seems like every nook and cranny of Cuba has a statue or some interesting feature about it. The statue of Cecilia Valdés and the story that goes along with it was interesting.

Seeing Che Guevara’s ‘house’ was pretty neat. We also drove some of the missiles from the crisis in the sixties. It was neat to take a look across the harbour from the west side of the harbour.

It was a cold and windy day in Cuba- windy sure, but cold- really? Well, it certainly was! We had a good time despite that. A lot of the places we went to are highlighted in the link below. The waves were crashing over the Malecón. They even had to close a section of it!

As mentioned before, Havana is a city filled with ‘Eye-Candy’ in every nook and cranny. We took nearly 700 photos that day!