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Awesome Cuba Tours

We decided we would try out a local tour guide and taxi on this trip. We had been on several larger tours with our travel agency and always found that one-on-one time with the guide ended up being our favourite moments. We went with Julio from Awesome Cuba Tours. We love the countryside of Cuba and wanted to learn more. The great thing about a local tour is that you pay the same price no matter how many people go. I think ours was $80 CUC for both of us for the whole day. You just can’t beat that price- and we got to ride around in a classic car all day! Julio is also an avid photographer, so if you give him an SD card for his camera he will take pictures for you all day long, and then give you the card back at the end of the day. There is no extra charge for this wonderful service and you get a bunch of photos and memories. Truly awesome!

We were very happy with the day, we got to see some amazing stuff. It was a full day- so many things to see.