Adventures to have and places to see


We had really high hopes for snorkelling at the resort. The reef is right off the shore, and there are definitely fish and things to see out there. Our January trip didn’t give us the best weather though. It was hot and sunny, but also windy. This frequently brought in lots of Portuguese man-o-war and the big waves made swimming at the reef dangerous. So we had lots of red flag days which was too bad. I think we will try November or March next time we go and see if the snorkelling is any better. Who knows, maybe we just had bad luck! You can’t predict or control the weather- we found lots of other things to do.

We tried out our snorkelling masks. I liked the full face ones- but don’t make them too tight. Lightly tighten the bands to keep it on your face. The pressure of the water seems to be what makes these watertight not how tight the bands are. Tamara reverted back to the snorkel and mask and found that best for her. One trick I found for the full masks is to make sure your face is clean-shaven. You may get a lot of water infiltration if you have a day of stubble. It was wavier and windier than we had hoped, so we couldn’t get out into the centre of the ‘maple leaf’ as it is referred to. If you look at it on google maps or from the lookoff it does look like a leaf.