Adventures to have and places to see

the Beach

We spent a good amount of time at the beach, either lounging, snorkelling or walking along the shore. The sand is very soft and the water was warm. We went in January, and it was fairly windy during our stay. When it comes in from the north it can also bring in Portuguese man-o-war and make snorkelling at the reef unsafe. At the end of our trip, it actually got cool for two days and was around 16 C or something. That is unheard of in Cuba- we felt sorry for the workers who were freezing.

There were always enough beach chairs, although it might have been more challenging to find one if you liked to be around the beach bar near the Diamond Club area. We don’t like being in crowds, so we picked a spot near the El Ranchon restaurant/spa shade. That provided to be a better spot to go in for snorkelling too.

If you like to walk you can head west along the beach for about 1 km. You will come across the neighbouring resort Cameleon Villas Jibacoa (Villa Tropico) and can walk all the way to a campismo (Cuban Campground). You may even come across a friendly dog or two that enjoy getting some attention. You might come across some people selling hats or shells. They were friendly enough, but remember it is OK to say ‘gracias no’.

The beach is much smaller than places like Cayo Coco or Varadero. You won’t be able to walk along the sandbars at low tide. The beach at Jibacoa is far better for snorkelling though.