Adventures to have and places to see


Two vacations prior to this in 2018, at Rio De Oro in Holguin, we discovered that we love snorkelling. So now we scout out resorts where you can snorkel right off the beach. Memories Jibacoa was highly recommended on Tripadvisor, so we decided that that would be our next adventure.

This time we joined a Facebook group for the resort before booking and read over the experience folks had over the last couple of years. Memories Jibacoa Guest Group is good for information. Based on the personal commentary this resort looked like it was suited to us.

We decided to be brave on our fifth trip to Cuba and take some private excursions rather than the ones that our travel agency offered. We aren’t slamming Nexus Tours or anything, those are fantastic excursions! We have enjoyed every excursion booked with Sunwing. Talking one-on-one with a guide and taxi driver is really special though. You get insights into Cuba that are hard to find otherwise. And hey, you get to drive around in a Classic Car all day for a really reasonable price.

We decided to book a tour of Havana and a countryside one with Awesome Cuba Tours. Another highly recommended guide is Tours Around Cuba. The secret to booking is to chat with the tour company first- you are probably messaging directly with the tour guide. Trust your gut feeling with how he/she responds. No money will be exchanged in advance. All you will do is secure a booking date and then pay after the tour is complete. Make sure you negotiate the rate in advance and if any extra money is required for attractions. If you can recommend some other guides please let us know.

We booked our all-inclusive vacation with Sunwing. They have always been pretty good to us and easy to deal with. We usually start shopping for our vacations four to six months in advance.