Adventures to have and places to see


We snorkelled at three spots a the beach near Pullman in Cayo Coco. We would have gone more often, but therewere a few red flag days. There isn’t much point in snorkelling when it is really wavy- all the sand gets stirred up and you can’t see anything.

Catamaran to the reef

The best snorkelling was north of the main beach via catamaran. It was too far to swim to that reef and was only a 5 or 10-minute catamaran ride for $40 (we may have paid too much but that’s OK). The spot on the map isn’t accurate but gives a general idea.

There was plenty of fish at the reef, and the corals looked pretty healthy.

East beach

We thought there might be good snorkelling at the far east beach. There certainly was a lot of seagull and pelican activity. There wasn’t much to see though. We made the mistake of going in at low tide- and it was very shallow. High tide would have been a much better choice and we might have been able to see more.