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Bruce Trail Hike #16 Massie Hills

On the second day at the Walters Fall Inn, for the afternoon we headed west to the Massie Hills area to hike the Bruce Trail. This was an interesting spot with some densely wooded areas. It was a change from the cypress/rocky escarpment. The pictures show it as a bright day, but in reality, it was overcast and rainy (really rainy at the end!). Some of the pine/cedar stands were very dim and eerie-looking. Finding some bones added to the experience. There are some interesting stone rows throughout the woods, so many years ago these must have been pastures of some sort.

Previous total 62.03 km
Today’s Hike 3.2 km
New total:65.23 km, 819.77 km out of 885 km to go

Previous elevation total 2037 m
Today’s elevation gain 103 m
Total elevation gain 2140 m