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Walters Falls

We decided to take a mini-vacation and do some hiking at Walters Falls. This is a pretty area and only an hour away from home. We came across a vacation offer at Travelzoo that had a pretty good deal to stay at an Inn right at the falls, that has access to the Bruce Trail. Our goal is to hike all of the Bruce Trail, so this seemed like a nice getaway to knock off some km’s and enjoy a getaway. We did a lot of camping this summer (2021) so some dining out and comfort would be a nice change.


We stayed at the Falls Inn & Spa in mid-September 2021 for two nights while the weather was still warm, and the leaves were just starting to change to fall colours. We enjoy hiking the Bruce Trail and the Inn is a convenient location at Walters Falls for access to the trail. We used an offer from Travelzoo to book the Inn with some meal discounts, reduced rates and vouchers. All in all, we are happy with the Travelzoo booking, all of the discounts were honoured and the booking wasn’t overly cumbersome. There may be other discount packages to explore out there.

The Inn itself is a modern building with 3 levels and 14 rooms. This makes it a quaint place to visit with a quiet atmosphere. All of the rooms, complete with balconies, face the falls which is neat. The balconies are small but adequate for two people. At night the grounds and falls are illuminated. On the ground level, there are patio tables for larger groups. The grounds are well kept. They are not lush gardens but still pleasant. You can go walk out over the falls/dam on a walkway that is protected by a fence. There is another area you can walk on further upstream with a metal gazebo.

The room (Maple room for us) was very clean and well decorated. You can tell the Inn is a bit older but is well maintained. The bed/bedding was very comfortable. There is satellite TV and adequate bathroom amenities. We wouldn’t say it was overly fancy but certainly comfortable. The balcony view of the Falls was nice. There is a coffee maker and a mini-fridge. It is nice that the Inn is non-smoking (there are some designated areas but they are not near public areas). WIFI is available throughout the Inn.

The meals were good as was the service. If the weather is nice you can sit outside on a heated patio, or inside in the dining room. We tried the steak, lamb shank, and fish and chips. All were very tasty. There was also a bar area with the same sort of atmosphere as the dining room but had a flat-screen TV.  We didn’t actually spend time there but the room did look inviting. Breakfast offered scones and jam (with yogurt) as part of the meal. The bacon and eggs were great and they have Eggs Benedict on the menu. You may ask for those to be soft poached. There was a great amount of thought and detail put into the presentation of the meals- the chef garnished the dishes with various herbs and flowers. The food is good at the Inn and the prices are in line with most quality restaurants.

The Inn is currently on the Walters Falls Bruce Trail Side Trail, not the actual Bruce Trail. This may be due to COVID-19 rerouting of the trail. It’s a couple of km hike to the Bruce Trail itself. It is a nice Side Trail to hike on that loops around to both sides of the Inn. It isn’t a boardwalk kind of trail, so there are some up and down spots to consider if you have mobility issues. Most people should be able to navigate it easily. Including the side trail and Bruce Trail, we hiked 28km over two days which was just about enough for us!

When we visited it was definitely an older crowd staying at the Inn (over 60). That may be a different case in the summer rather than fall. This would be a great place to host a small event or wedding. In summary, it was a nice stay.