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Bruce Trail Hike #13 Colpoy’s Bay

Now that summer is coming to an end, the weather is good for hiking again. We took a trip up to Colpoys Bay and hiked 6 km of the Bruce Trail. The trees are just starting to change into fall colours, but are still very much filled with leaves and are mostly green. There are a few sections of the trail with quite a bit of poison ivy, so watch where you step. Wildlife was pretty limited as we are now into fall. There were some partridges and some smaller birds we couldn’t;t get a clear picture of.

Previous total 45.13 km
Today’s Hike 6 km
New total:51.13 km, 833.87 km out of 885 km to go

Previous elevation total 1494 m
Today’s elevation gain 236 m
Total elevation gain 1730 m