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Planning Cayo Coco 2020

After nearly eight months of COVID-19, we were getting pretty anxious for a southerly vacation. Fortunately, airlines had started flights again in a very limited capacity. The only airline active at the time was Air Canada Vacations, and they offered excellent (and free) cancellation insurance and COVID-19 travel insurance. Based on that we decided to fly with them.

We went ahead and booked Angsana in Cayo Santa Maria. It looked like a good spot for snorkelling. About a month away from the trip I Facebook chatted with a representative at the resort and discovered it was not open yet! I contacted Air Canada, and they promptly offered two different resorts instead in either Cayo Coco or Varadero.

Cayo Coco is an isolated resort area, with no permanent residents. That seemed the safer place to go out of the two.

So we ended up booking at Pullman Cayo Coco. We joined a Facebook group (Pullman Cayo Coco Lovers Fans Group) for the resort and kept track of the progress. As we got closer to the travel date COVID cases were on the rise in Ontario. We wondered if at some point our trip would be cancelled. Luckily enough it didn’t and one the last Sunday in November we were out our way.