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Great Lizard cuckoo

Great Lizard cuckoo
Cuckoos are a fairly large bird, an adult is about the size of your forearm. Their tail feathers are amazing when in flight. They can often be seen patiently searching for food in brushy areas. As the name implies they like to eat lizards, and also feed on insects like locusts.

They are also known as the the Cuban lizard cuckoo.


Great Lizard cuckoo Cayo Coco 2020

5 December 2020

While vacationing in Cayo Coco, Tamara and I decided to take a bird-watching walk on the road heading southeast from the Pullman resort. We ended up on an abandoned sideroad heading northeast towards the ocean. It looked like the edges of the road were now a dumping ground for building materials. This cuckoo was perched on a tree branch near some rubble. It was patiently hunting down a lizard. Eventually, it disappeared in the rubble. It seems pretty likely it had lunch that day.

Great Lizard cuckoo Jibacoa 2020

16 January 2020

This cuckoo was fairly elusive while we were taking a wagon ride to the Lake in Jibacoa.

Great Lizard cuckoo Holguin 2018

22 October 2018

The first time we ever saw a cuckoo was at Paradisus Rio de Oro in Holguin. It gave us a beautiful display of feathers as it took to flight.