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Bruce Trail Hike #7 Harrison Park to Inglis Falls

We decided to do some more hiking in the Owen Sound area now that Spring has arrived. We thought we would start at Harrison park and hike some of the Bruce Trail. it ended up we spend more time on side trails than the Bruce Trail! Ooops, next time I (Mark) will take a closer look at the map!

Previous total 25.17 km
Today’s Hike 2.8 km
New total:27.97 km, 857.03 km out of 885 km to go

Previous elevation total 956 m
Today’s elevation gain 88 m
Total elevation gain 1044 m

Inglis Falls, Ontario, Canada

There was still snow in the woods, but it was mostly just packed down snow on the trails themselves. We started to spot some butterflies which was interesting. the trout were battling the rapids at Inglis Falls as they tried to get to there spawning grounds. That was pretty cool to watch.