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Mallard duck

Mallard duck
Common throughout Ontario. The head of the males have a striking metallic green colour.


Mallard duck Wiarton

17 June 2021

Mallard ducks spotted at the park in Wiarton on our Bruce Trail Hike #12

Bruce Trail Hike 12 Wiarton to Spirit Rock

Mallard duck Cypress Lake

15 June 2021

Mallard ducks were spotted while hiking the Bruce Trail Hike #10.

Bruce Trail Hike 9 to 11

Mallard duck MacGregor Point

3 April 2021

The wetlands at MacGregor is an idea spot to see ducks and geese.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Mallard duck Harrison Park

23 March 2021

There were lots of ducks at the park. It was a good opportunity to get a picture of both the male and female.