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Finding Vacations

It can be daunting to try to figure out how to book a vacation. Do I go through a travel agent? Do I research it online and book all of it myself? Do I use a site that offers packages? How do I know this is a Canadian company? We have composed a list of booking sites we feel are trustworthy. Deal Finder sites are also a great way to get the best price for travel packages on a specific date. Reading resort reviews is also an important part of finding a quality vacation.

Vacation Airlines/Packages

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It is well worth your time to read reviews about resorts you are considering. There are lots of sites out there that offer reviews by people who have been at the resort. First-hand experience is what you are looking for. When you start looking at reviews, make sure you are reading current ones. There isn’t much point in reading reviews that talk about the destruction of Hurricane Irma in 2017. Read current reviews during the last 6 months. That will give you a better perspective on how the resort is doing. Reading reviews around the same month you plan to travel is also a good idea. If you plan to go in January, read reviews in that date range. If you are going in January, there isn’t any purpose in reading about how super hot and rainy it was in August. Different seasons bring different events. Some resorts get waves of Portuguese Man of War in the winter, which might be a factor to consider if you are going in January and want to do a lot of snorkelling.

Look for the average satisfaction levels. Some reviews are overly positive, and others are people who just like to complain. I tend to look at the averages. If the resort you are considering has more negative reviews than positive ones, you should move on and find a better resort.

Things to watch for in reviews:

  • How many people complain that they didn’t have hot water- or water at all. This can be a big problem at some resorts and you won’t feel like taking a cold shower after baking on the beach all day.
  • Watch out for a lot of complaints about getting Turista (stomach flu, diarrhea).
  • Note how satisfied people were with the buffets and al la Cartes. Reviews saying there seemed to be a lot of hotdogs will usually make us move on to a different resort.
  • Not being treated well by the staff.
  • People not getting their daily bottle of water or toilet paper when the room is cleaned.