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Bruce Trail Hike #5 Hoggs Falls to Eugenia

Fall was upon us and with that comes beautiful colours as the season changes. Beaver Valley is amazing at this time of year. We had planned a hike around Hoggs Falls but decided to give this trail a go instead. There is a good spot to park here and the trail has lots of interesting features. In particular, there is an abundance of water features. Oct 17, 2020.

Previous total 14.1 km
Today’s Hike 6.7 km
New total:20.8 km, 864.2 km out of 885 km to go

Previous elevation total 489 m
Today’s elevation gain 239 m
Total elevation gain 728 m

Fall is very much upon us now! Leaves are dropping as frosty nights creep upon us. We are still having warm days though, so this is giving us a beautiful display of fall colours. We decided to take a Saturday hike between Hogg’s Falls and Eugenia Falls. When we arrived we were shocked to see so many cars parked along the side of the road. There must have been 100! With COVID-19 happening, we were at first a bit reluctant to start the hike. We braved it anyway and once we got away from the main area of Hogg’s Falls the crowds spread out and everything was good.

This hike had lots of up and down! By the end of it, we certainly had tired feet and calves. We were very glad for our hiking boots! On the way back we took a side trail which seemed generally downhill and was also a pleasant hike. Wildlife was pretty much limited to a Blue jay and some other bird we couldn’t get a clear view of. It looks like most of the fungi have also finished for the year.