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Bruce Trail Hike #4 Beaver Valley

Fall was upon us and with that comes beautiful colours as the season changes. Beaver Valley is amazing at this time of year. We had planned a hike around Hoggs Falls but decided to give this trail a go instead. There is a good spot to park here and the trail has lots of interesting features. In particular, there is an abundance of water features. Sept 29, 2020.

Previous total 8.9 km
Today’s Hike 5.2 km
New total:14.1 km, 870.9 km out of 885 km to go

Previous elevation total 200 m
Today’s elevation gain 289 m
Total elevation gain 489 m

There is a small parking lot at this entrance to the trail with space for five cars. As usual with the Bruce Trail, there is good signage and the trail is clearly marked with white markers. There were two side trails. We took Stew’s Hilts Side Trail and found a beautiful waterfall there.

The trail was challenging in spots. We were glad for our sturdy hiking boots. Some people we met along the way hade hiking poles. It had rained the day before, so the trail was slippery with wet leaves. We really enjoyed the elevation changes as we hiked along.

There were water features everywhere! We were really lucky it had rained the day before so there was lots of water flowing.

The trail goes along several farmers field and a short section of road. It was a really fun hike getting to see so many different land features.

Lots of old gnarly trees can be viewed from the trail. There were also a few lookoff points with a view of the valley/mountains. Fungi seems to be thriving very well here.