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Black-capped chickadee

Black-capped chickadee
Commonly spotted in Ontario.


Black-capped chickadee MacGregor

3 April 2021

The chickadees at MacGregor are quite friendly. It is fun to feed them sunflower seeds.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Black-capped chickadee Brucedale

9 January 2021

One sunny day in January found us exploring our local area near the Brucedale Conservation Area. We came across some chickadees foraging for seeds.

Brucedale, Owen Sound, Ontario

Black-capped chickadee Jones Falls

1 August 2020

We followed these terns along the eastern beach leading away from Pullman in Cayo Coco. They spent a lot of time diving for fish. Unlike a seagull, they have a very subtle call to keep track of each other.

Jones Falls, Owen Sound, Ontario