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Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly
Monarch butterflies are easy to recognize with their distinctive orange, black and white pattern. They like to lay their eggs on milkweed plants. It is hard to believe they migrate thousands of miles from southern Canada all the way to Florida and Mexico.


Monarch butterfly Jones Falls

1 August 2020

Captured these pictures while taking our first recorded hike on the Bruce Trail at Jones Falls.

Jones Falls, Owen Sound, Ontario

Monarch butterfly Saugeen Bluffs

14 July 2020

Monarchs enjoying milkweed.

Monarch butterfly Underwood 2020

1 July 2020

Monarchs often flitter around our property in the summer.

Underwood, Ontario, Canada

Monarch butterfly Stoney Island

6 August 2018

Monarchs enjoying milkweed.

Stoney Island Conservation Area, Tiverton, Ontario, Canada