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Saugeen Bluffs 2020

We decided to make the Bluffs the first official testing ground for our truck cap camper. It was also a good opportunity to fully explore all the hiking trails at this easy-going campground.

A lot of the pictures for the Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area page were taken on this trip.

The camper worked out well. It takes a bit of time to get accustomed to the ‘close’ sleeping space in the truck cap, but it only took one sleep to get used to that. In 2021 we plan to do a lot of travelling and camping around Canada. This camper idea lets us set up and takedown really fast. It is also very waterproof.

For a change, we decided to try campfire cooking for our evening meals. The campfire pizza was tasty even if it was a little burnt.

We decided to do lots of hiking on this trip. The trails at the Bluffs are quite extensive. There must 30km or more of trails. The equestrian camping is a really big feature of the campground. There were lots of hoofprints along the trails but we didn’t actually come across any horses. Deer also enjoy these trails. More pictures can be found here.

The Bluffs is pretty tame as far as wildlife goes. Birds, chipmunks and deer are to be found.

We saw three White-tailed deer while hiking (a buck and doe), but they were too fast for us to get a picture. Just outside our campsite, we walked by an area of ferns. Tamara piped up “What’s that orange thing?”

Sure enough, it was a doe standing still and staring at us. We got to exchange glances for a while and she decided to slowly move on.