Adventures to have and places to see

Greig’s Caves

Greig’s Caves are located near Lion’s Head on the Bruce Penninsula. These are absolutely beautiful caves and are well worth the visit. The night before we went there was quite a bit of rain, so everything had turned a beautiful green as the plants soaked up the water.

The adult fee is $10 per person which seems very reasonable. I believe they require cash but I am not 100% certain of that. You will need to sign a waiver before entering the trails. The paths are well marked and could be considered challenging for some. Sneakers or hiking boots are required. A sign clearly states flip-flops are not allowed. There are some tables where you can have a picnic lunch. Porta-Johns are available.

There are two loop trails at the site. One takes you to the caves, another is a lookoff loop. The caves were beautiful. We took our time exploring everything and taking lots of pictures. I can’t recall ever seeing so much beautiful green foliage.

After circling around over the shipwrecks we headed out to open water and Flowerpot Island.

Once we got to the island we circled around so we could see it from the water. There are lots of interesting stone formations.

We spend a few hours hiking around the island. It is a beautiful spot and the trails are interesting and well kept.

There is a marsh on the island that is well worth hiking to.

It was midday when we hiked, so there wasn’t a whole lot of wildlife to see. We came across lots of flowers and fungi though.