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Flower Pot Island

As part of our camping trip to Tobermory, we decided to take a boat ride to Flowerpot Island. We happened to book with Blue Heron Cruises and were happy with them. We also have it first hand that Bruce Anchor Cruises is also good.

Flower Pot Island, Ontario, Canada

The cruise left Tobermory roughly at 11 and returned at 4. We had been to Tobermory many times, but I (Mark) had never viewed the harbour from a boat. There are a lot of boats and cottages to be seen.

The boat was very stable and had a large glass bottom for viewing. Part of the cruise was to visit two shipwrecks in the harbour.

After circling around over the shipwrecks we headed out to open water and Flowerpot Island.

Once we got to the island we circled around so we could see it from the water. There are lots of interesting stone formations.

We spend a few hours hiking around the island. It is a beautiful spot and the trails are interesting and well kept.

There is a marsh on the island that is well worth hiking to.

It was midday when we hiked, so there wasn’t a whole lot of wildlife to see. We came across lots of flowers and fungi though.