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Metcalfe Rock

In June 2020 we took a drive over to Metcalfe Rock in The Blue Mountains area. This is part of the Kolapore Uplands park. This is a beautiful area to drive to, with magnificent views that look over rolling lands. The trails are quite big, going on for something like 50km! The area is also well known for rock climbing and caving (spelunking ). We took a hike along the blue trail, which took about 1.5 hours with lots of exploring.

There is a public parking lot at the base of the trails called the Metcalfe Parking Lot. There is no admission fee to enter the park, but there is a donation box that helps fund the maintenance of the trails.

The rock formations are amazing. There are lots of places to explore. It is amazing how the cedar trees and cling to and survive on seemingly solid rock.

Ask you explore the caves and crevices you will likely come across some ice no matter what time of year it is. It was pretty neat to go from 30 Celsius at the top of the rocks to 0 Celsius at the bottom. Apparently the ice remains years around.

As you climb up the trail you will come to some beautiful look offs. One of them displays another mountain across low lands. Apparently, there is an underground cave network between where you are standing and the outcropping.

There is also some water features to see, and a wetland area. Lots of birds could be heard, but we were there at noon, so it was not the best time of day to go birding.