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Chesley Heritage Trail

Just about every town or village in Ontario has some sort of hiking trail. We decided to visit the nearby town of Chesley for a day trip and do a quick hike. We spent about an hour looking around. The trail is well kept and clean.

Chesley Heritage Trail, Chesley, Ontario, Canada

The park is easily located in Chesley and can be entered off the main street at Riverside Park, from Krug Park on 2nd Street SW and from 4th Street SW.

Chesley used to be a town known for making furniture. Krugg Park connects with the trail and explains much of the history of Chesley. There are some interesting displays of wood working machinery on display.

The trail itself is a relatively easy walk through a wooded area along the banks of North Saugeen River.

You can also take a walk along the trestle bridge and enjoy a scenic view of the river.

We went in July and there were lots of wildflowers and insects to see.