Adventures to have and places to see

Valentin Perla Blanca

Getting There

Everything went smoothly in this regard. It is a long bus ride from the airport for nearly two hours. That’s ok though, enjoy some Cerveza and the country site. The Sunwing Rep on the bus explained a lot of the surrounding landscape as we drove along.


The grounds were well kept and there were lots of pathways to follow. They were still dealing with some hurricane damage.


We were pretty happy with the resort. It was our first time in Cuba, so it is hard to know what to expect. Cuba is a wonderful place to visit but you do have to learn how things work (check out our Cuba Travel Guide). The food was good and the drinks were tasty. We learned that the a la Cartes were usually open for lunch and that was the best place to go rather than the buffet. The buffet was good but busy. There are over 1000 rooms at the resort so that should be expected with so many guests. A la cartes were also good, but be sure to book them right away once you get your room number at the check-in.

The entertainment at the club was quite good. They had an inhouse band/dance group that was very talented. One night was Rock music, and they did a fantastic job in their live performance.

Oddly when we got there the hotel bank was not open. For some reason, there was a problem getting currency. After a couple of days that got straightened out. That made us wonder if we should have just exchanged it at the airport instead. Having no CUC’s for tips is a strange feeling at the resort.

The Room

Our Garden View room was in good shape and cleaned well. The attendant left us lots of fun towel art. The glass privacy door for the toilet area seemed to be missing which was a bit odd. There also seemed to be a lack of hot water that made showering uncomfortable after a hot day on the beach.