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Sendero Arqueologico Las Guanas

If you travel west of Paradisus Rio de Oro or Sol Rio de Luna y Mares, you will enter a park called Sendero Arqueologico Las Guanas. You may also see it referred to as Las Guanas Eco-Archaeologic Trail. If you are leaving Rio de Oro you will likely take the bridge that traverses the lagoon. There is a small cabin there where you can pay and get a cold beer if you like. It is a beautiful park that will show you many natural aspects of Holguin. You will walk through a Cuban forest and along some cliff sides. There are caves and unique rock formations to check out. Signage will help you on this self-guided tour. The cost to enter the park was something like 5 CUC. There are also life-like statues that illustrate the way of life of the original inhabitants of Cuba. If you like hiking this is definitely a place to go visit. In some locations the rocks are sharp, so really sturdy sandals or sneakers are a good idea. Bringing along some water and a snack is a good idea.

When you are finished there you can walk down to a beautiful beach called Playa La Guanas.