Adventures to have and places to see

Mensura National Park

We visited this park while on a Nexus tour in Holguin (Mountain Adventure And History Zone 1). Our driver and Eric our tour guide took us up a windy mountain road to get to this park. The dirt there is very red from iron ore. This area is mined for Nickel, Cobalt and Iron. We glad that we had a driver for the jeep rather than trying to do it on our own! That would have taken forever.

The gardens are very well maintained at the park. There is a look-out tower with a beautiful view of the mountains. They were cooking a pig while we were there which smelled delicious!

From there you can go see the waterfalls, Salto del Guayabo. There is a canteen at the end of the trail and a swimming area. A nice cold Cerveza was tasty. The falls are quite impressive. I wish we had time to hike over to those falls, but that is one bad thing about tours, you have an agenda!