Adventures to have and places to see

Cayo Saetia Island

We took a catamaran tour that took us to Cayo Saetia. Apparenlty back in the ‘special time’ this island was made into a game reserve/safari area. Lot’s of exotic animals were brought in. When the ‘special time’ ended, the island was no longer used for sport hunting, and the exotic animals remained. If you go there now you can get a tour of the island in an old military transport truck and see them thriving in the wild.

Not every day can be sunny in Cuba, but that doesn’t mean it brings the day to end. Our catamaran ride to the island went ahead as planned. The rain was infrequent and warm, so for the most part we got to see the sights.

The beach at Cayo Saetia was sandy and we took some time to explore.

Part of the tour was lunch at an open-air restaurant. The food was tasty enough. There were a ton of blackbirds there. The restaurant fed them some of grain during our lunchtime. I am assuming that was to keep the birds distracted and at bay. It rained really hard for a while- we were glad that we weren’t still out on the catamaran.

After lunch, the rain stopped and we loaded ourselves into an old army truck to take the safari adventure. The driver warned us that the fields were really wet from the rain, so we might not get to see everything we normally would. He was right about the trails being muddy. He was and excellent driver- I don’t know how we managed to drive around and not get the truck stuck. We did miss seeing Zebra and some other animals because the trails were just too muddy.