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Memories Caribe

We tried out this resort because it was adults-only and was located on the white-sand beaches of Cayo Coco. TripAdvisor reviews were good and Sunwing had a good price. The resort has 328 rooms- so it isn’t huge which for us is a plus.

It seems that this resort has a lot of repeat visitors. People come back knowing what to expect and are looking forward to that. A lot of guests felt very at home here and knew how everything works. One night the pool bar was pretty much taken over by a family party of some sort. I am sure there were some serious hangovers the next day!


The grounds were well kept and there are lots of walkways to follow. There is a waterway throughout the resort that has and assortment of fish in it. At one end of the resort is a spot where a resident Pelican nests. There are also some flamingos that hang out near the lobby. There is a tall concrete tower in the centre of the resort, which I suspect would offer and amazing view of the grounds. Unfortunately it was under repair so we couldn’t go up and take a look.

the Beach

The beach was great! Lots of long walks along the sand bars at low tide. The beach bar was fine. I’d suggest bringing a lidded travel mug to keep your drink cool. Without one of those you will just get little 4 oz cups. Some people came up with insane sized Bubba’s that the bartenders didn’t like very much. I wouldn’t want to try and mix a drink in one of those either. We found out that frozen lemon slush and rum makes a great beach drink. Be careful on the boardwalk- it is painted a dark colour and is really hot on your feet if you try to brave it without sandals. Getting fresh beach towels was hit or miss.


There was a mixture of entertainment at the resort. There was a ‘house band’ of sorts that played a variety of more modern music and rotated singers through on different nights. One night was Karaoke- quite a few people came up and sang really well. Once again you could tell these were repeat visitors to the resort who looked forward to doing this on their vacation. Many of the shows were done by the same Entertainment staff that were present during the daytime. All-in-all the entertainment was fun, but perhaps a bit more casual than we were used to.


We got a basic Gardenview room. We might try Diamond Club one day, but we really don’t spend a lot of time in our room when on vacation. It was cleaned daily and was quite big. The only issue we had was a lack of hot water. When we were getting ready to book we saw some complaints about no hot water or any water at all. We make an assumption that this would get fixed by the time we arrived. It wasn’t. We had water, but seldom anything warm enough for a pleasant shower. If you are looking at this resort, I would post a question on a related Facebook page/Tripadvisor asking if people are still having water issues.


The food was reasonable at this resort. There did seem to be a lot more ‘hot dog/indiscernible’ type dishes than we were expecting. We just took our time and surveyed the buffet before making choices. There were long lineups at the fresh serve stations. Once again I’d say that there were a lot of return customers at this resort who knew what they were looking for as far as food. Service was good, wine glasses were readily filled up so long as you got to know your server.

Beans Cafe

They had great cappuccinos at this resort! Beans Cafe is located near the pool. The ladies there were really friendly and artistic with your cappuccino. The ice cream and treats were also good.