Adventures to have and places to see


The beaches at Cayo Coco are beautiful and live up to the positive reviews about them. The Atlantic Ocean was warm and clear. At low tide we could walk along the sandbars forever it seemed. It almost becomes a different beach each day with tide pools. These pools offer a chance to do some up-close snorkelling. Be careful not to walk too far down the beach at low tide, because on your walk back those sandbars will disappear and you might end up wading through chest-deep in water.

During low tide, you will come across creatures eeking their way along the sand. There are some truly impressive, huge starfish to be seen. It is amazing how fast a starfish can bury itself in the sand when it wants too. The sand dollars (perhaps they are Sea Biscuits) are interesting with the camouflage that gets attached to their shells. Conch’s can be spotted creeping along too. We saw lots of Pelicans diving into the ocean after fish.