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MacGregor Provincial Park 2021

Aug 24, 2021 am

We ate here at MacGregor park for our final camping trip this year. This is a beautiful park with big, treed, private camp sites. Our spot is in the Huron campground. We took a 4km walk yesterday down the beach area. There is a playground there and lots of people swimming. it is a very shallow beach, so it would be good for small children.

Today we will do lots of hiking and bird watching. This park is well known for birding. Some Blue Jays stopped by and sqwaked at us, likely eyeing up our almonds on the table but not being brave enough to snatch them up. We will hike the deer run trails which should be about 8km or so. The trails here are easy hiking for the most part. There is poison ivy in some spots, so we will have to be careful to avoid that.

Aug 24, 2021 PM

We hiked the Deer Rin trail and got about 10km in. The trail was easy hiking, but stay on the trail as there is poison ivy along the sides in places. We got mixed up in our directions somehow- normal for us. Anyway just follow the trail and use Google Maps if you get mixed up like we did as we neared Road 33.

Not a whole lot of wildlife at this time of year, a snake, some distant birds and lots of frogs. It was a nice hike though despite 29C and a humidex of 38! Welcome to a traditional Ontario summer.

Back at camp we soaked our feet and had some Mimosas. We dug into crafting projects (crochet and lamellar armor making). Supper was chicken skewers over the fire and salad. Yummy!