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AC Vacations 2021

Aug 5, 2021

The itch to head south to sandy beaches has been upon us all year. We thought we had that scratched earlier in the year, by booking a trip to Jibacoa, Cuba in late October. This was with Air Canada Vacations and offered free cancellation insurance, COVID insurance and a price drop guarantee. We booked that way back in May.

The strange thing with Air Canada Vacations is that they will change your flight times, but not notify you that they have done so. VERY annoying!!! Knowing this, I like to check my booking now and then. Sure enough, when I logged in, my booking could not be found so something must have changed. Oddly, if you log in using your phones Air Canada app it will tell you that the booking has changed and what the new flight time is. The computer version does not do this. The app tells you that Air Canada does not manage these bookings so you have to call a different number to accept the changes. You would think they would have a button there to accept or refuse the change. Nope- they force you to be held prisoner on the phone. After considerable wait times on the phone (hours), I finally got a really helpful agent and accepted the flight time change. In this case, it departed a 9 am rather than 4 pm, so that was great.

I also like to follow the cost of the bookings and use the price Drop Guarantee feature most airlines use. In this case, we managed to get an additional $400 discount because the price did drop. Once again you have to do this over the phone, with excessive wait times and limited calling hours (9 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri). By the way, I still have yet to see the $400 credit on my Credit Card.

So all was good with the world. We had a vacation booked and I didn’t need to pay much attention to travel deals in my email. In July, I decided to check that everything was still good. Sure enough, my booking could not be found on the website via my computer. On the phone app, it stated that my departure date had been changed from the 18th to the 21st, but my arrival home date stayed the same. What kind of crap is that? No email, no notifications at all, and no compensation for losing 3 days of our vacation!

I spent several days trying to call the number they provided with infinite wait times. I never did get through. At that point, we decided to just scrap the vacation. It seemed very clear to us that we would get within the 25 days of departure, and they would either cancel or change the vacation, and we would be stuck with an Air Canada Vacations credit rather than a full refund. Luckily we had that cancellation insurance! I found a different number to call to use that, and within a few minutes, we reached an agent and cancelled the vacation. We were told we would see a full Credit on our Card within 2-3 days. I still haven’t seen it, but I believe it will happen. They also emailed a document that detailed the refund.

So that’s the end of our relationship with Air Canada Vacations. Been there, had a poor experience with them twice now, not doing it again!