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July 28 to 30 Killbear

July 28, 2021

Here we are at Killbear park for three days! It was a 3.5 hour drive to get here, and all went smoothly on the drive. We came up the 400, which is pretty much the main way to get here. It’s great that we are now fully vaccinated. Oddly only 70% of Ontario have had at least one vaccine and 60% fully vaccinated. What the fuck is wrong with people? Go get your damn vaccine! If it stays like this then there will be a pandemic of the unvaccinated which will still put our hospitals into critical numbers for ICU. It makes me angry that people are so passive and selfish. The “it won’t happen to me” is such a stupid way of thinking.

The park is fairly busy. There are a lot of families camping with children. They are having a good time on their bikes and playing. The sites are a bit closer together than what we are used to. It’s and old park, so I guess that is the way it was designed at that time. I am not complaining, just saying it is different hearing our neighbors so clearly.

There are lots of warnings about bears here but we haven’t see any. As long as you keep your food locked in your vehicle I can’t see that being a problem. I notice all the campers are respectful of that. The weather looks great today. 20 degrees and winds of less than 12 km. We are going to canoe around the park and check things out. We found a spot to go in on the northwest shore and paddle to the south. The canoe trolley we made should work out well for the ½ km walk.

Well, it looks like it is time to cook the bacon and get some more Irish cream in my coffee…

Steak, potatoes and salad was our supper. It tasted great cooked over the fire.

July 29

Yesterday’s canoeing was excellent along the North shore. We went in at the small hiking area in the Northwest of the camp rather than the boat launch. The rocky shore is beautiful. We went all the way to the eastern too of Killbear, and considered going south but the water was more choppy there so we turned around.

we stopped on a rocky shore and enjoyed lunch and a swim. The water was very warm.

Today started over very rainy on the morning. We hunkered down in out 10×10 pop up and made coffee and tea. Fortunately it cleared up by 9am and turned out to be a beautiful day.

We did two hikes. One took the Lookout Point Trail, which was a nice hike although muddy from the rain. We were glad to have worn our hiking boots. We saw a partridge or grouse of some kind but that was about it for wildlife.

Then we headed West along the road trail and hiked Twin Point Trail. That is the area with red bedrock that is quite often photographed. On the way back we came across two deer that didn’t seem at all concerned we wanted to photograph them.

I gave campfire pizza a go for dinner. The first one was a bit charred but the second one was better. We were both pretty tired after the 16km of hiking.

A big thunderstorm threatened to hit us but luckily passed by without any rain.

We spent a fair bit of time designing our new camper trailer which will be made on the frame of an old popup camper trailer. It will looked medieval and be along the idea of a Vardo or Sheppard’s Hut.

July 30

Last day today. Checkout is by 2pm. We will probably head out at noon. We have to get ready for camping at a friend’s place on Saturday and Sunday. Wow we are getting our fill of camping this year!