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Pond Time

Our favourite “staycation” spot is actually in the comfort of our own backyard. We spend as many hours as the weather and chores will allow with our feet up, enjoying homemade wine in our favourite glasses. Avon’s Cape Cod series are pretty fun to drink out of and are heavy enough that the wind doesn’t blow them over when they are empty. They don’t stay empty long, mind you, hence the feeling of being on vacation.

From our heavy-duty Adirondack chairs, handcrafted by a dear friend, we feed the fish, photograph the frogs and the birds that come to the feeder. We also photograph and observe the progress of flowers along with various other garden plants while they flourish in the oasis. The honey bees love it, too! There are three adjoining ponds, two of which flow into the main central pond. We certainly enjoy our Beatrix Potter type world watching the comings and goings of both flora and fauna. It is very relaxing!

I highly recommend to anyone who asks about our pond time to build a pond sanctuary of their own to enjoy. We used various types and sizes of rocks for a natural look and a cement patio to keep the farm weeds at bay. Creating a place to go to unwind that is easily accessible, meaning that it is close to the beer/wine fridge, is healthy for the mind, body, and soul.


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