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Vacation plans for 2021

This will be our on-going blog for travel in 2021 (Mark).

May 6, 2021

The third wave of COVID has hit Ontario quite hard. Fortunately, vaccinations have begun in full force. About one-third of the Province has had the first dose. This is promising. We are getting our vaccines in May and September. Travel plans this year will be very outdoor-related. That’s fine with us, we love to be outdoors! So camping and hiking is the primary activity we will be undertaking. Some sites we have managed to book are:

Cypress Lake (Bruce Pennnsula National Park)
Saugeen Bluffs
Fanshawe Park
MacGregor Point Provincal Park
Killbear Provoncial Park

This should a summer of lots of adventure on trails and some canoeing.

We have taken a chance on booking a two-week trip to Jibacoa, Cuba in late October. This is with Air Canada and comes with free cancellation/COVID insurance. We will know if the trip is a go or not by September. Apparently, it is a 100% refund if cancelled within 25 days of departure. We decided to book the trip in advance, in the event that the situation in our countries improves, and then there is a mass scramble for bookings. Rumours have it that Cuba’s in-house vaccines are working and mass deployment in Havana may start soon. Perhaps most of our countries will be vaccinated by the time we take our trip. Iffy on that one, but who knows? At least we should be fully vaccinated by then.

We plan to continue hiking the Bruce Trail, and the Bruce County Rail Trail. Later this morning we are heading off for a 10km hike on the latter.