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We should be in Cuba…

We are in the last week of February, and we should definitely be in Cuba. Unfortunately, we can’t go there right now. Canada has made many new laws that make it very expensive and difficult (if not impossible) to travel anywhere due to COVID-19 and its variants. I get it, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I really dislike that our government has imposed regulations that deliberately make it super-expensive to travel anywhere. Not everyone returning to Canada has been on ‘vacation’. There are lots of reasons people need to leave and I fail to see the justice in penalizing them for returning to Canada. We think we live in a free country but that is a pile of bullshit when they impose this kind of regulations.

In the meantime, we have our TV displaying slide shows of snorkelling and Caribbean adventures. There is a notepad on our coffee table where we jot down pictures of fish we have yet to identify. We miss the feeling of sand between our toes and the lush green of palm trees. A mojito would taste fantastic right now. We frequently fire up some Latin music on our speaker and enjoy that. It helps, but I often wonder if we are just torturing ourselves?

I grabbed some paints and a canvas the other day and started painting some pictures of places we have visited in Cuba. It was so much fun to visit Santiago and the Castillo de Morro. I don’t think many vacationers realize just how rich the history of Cuba is.