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Knock, Knock

It’s 2 AM and I wake up. This was the first spring evening where it was warm enough to open the bedroom window to let the cool evening breeze in. I can hear the waterfall at the pond splashing, and expect to hear the green frogs croaking but they must have decided to stop debating who is the owner of the pond.

I struggle to go back to sleep, uncertain why I woke. Then I hear it ‘knock’ … 2 second break, ‘knock’, 2 second break and so on.

What is that? It sounds just like someone hammering a piece of wood. Very slowly hammering it.

Across from our farm is a woodland, and it sounds like it is coming from there. Maybe it is a woodpecker, but they do a rapid hammering sound, not one like this. It dawns on me then that this is likely the flicker we photographed the other day. Odd that it would be doing this in the dead of night. Isn’t it afraid of attracting a raccoon or owl or something? Apparently not.

I make a mental note that the next time we walk through the woods, a slow constant hammering might mean a flicker is nearby.

After five minutes of that and 150 hammerings, I have to get up and shut the window.