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Green frogs 2018

We captured these pictures of frogs at our backyard pond. It is proof that if you build it (a pond in this case) they will come. One of our Granddaughter’s favourite things to do is to count the number of frogs she can find in the pond. We managed to count over a dozen during her visit in May 2020 when quite a few were still fairly dark from their muddy, winter’s sleep. Since then we have seen several smaller frogs come out of hiding. We spied a tadpole this spring as well, one that will be sprouting legs this season. We have noticed that our green frogs’ tadpoles, with living in a stable and consistent environment, take about two seasons to fully develop. This year’s eggs have started being laid which is evident due to the amount of foam on the pond nestled near plants and shallow areas where the eggs/tadpoles will have some shelter once they hatch.