It is wonderful to go on vacation! You can leave your daily routine behind. It is a time to relax and think about completely different things. This site is a journal/a blog of different vacations/staycations we (Tamara and Mark) have taken. There is both excitement and stress when taking a vacation! Hopefully, you find some information on this site that will put your mind at ease. We are not epic adventurers, so if you are looking for the ‘I climbed to the top of Everest’ kind of content you may want to find a different site. Not all vacations have to surround you with palm trees! Staycations are a great way to relax and see your local surroundings. If you take a moment, you will see that there are all kinds of things to do just outside your backdoor. It is well-known that there is a strong connection between nature and mental wellbeing so you will find a lot of photos of nature on this site.

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